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A wildflower adventurin' as a flight attendant until Justin Bieber recruits me as a back up dancer. I write #wordsfromthewindowseat too. ✈️📍Chicago
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2314 25 Oct 16, 2017
taylortippett: Forgot to share one of my all time

Forgot to share one of my all time FAVORITE shoots from last month. Froze my booty off on Lake Michigan at sunset with some of my favorite humans. It resulted in me channeling my favorite hero (always N forever) Michael Jackson. 🔥🌟💥 Photo by Styling by Hairs by Moral support provided by xoxo

3689 23 Oct 14, 2017
taylortippett: A lot of love from Austin 🤠✨

A lot of love from Austin 🤠✨

3133 13 Oct 13, 2017
taylortippett: Thank the good Lord that it is the

Thank the good Lord that it is the freaking WEEKEND 🙌🏼 Just a friendly reminder to love the heck outta the people in your world. Hug em tight. Don’t give up on each other y’all ✨

3902 67 Oct 11, 2017
taylortippett: fall y’all. 🍁🌿🍁 who is READY?! it’s

fall y’all. 🍁🌿🍁 who is READY?! it’s my favorite season forever and ever and ever!

2719 29 Oct 9, 2017
taylortippett: I don’t have a lot of answers.

I don’t have a lot of answers. I don’t know what to say when loved ones are hurting and lost. I don’t always know how to get out of bed when I’d rather stay cooped up in my house all day. But I do have a secret weapon: joy. Y’all use your joy to fight. To get up on your worst days. To look your current season in the face and say “I’ve been through a lot of crap but I have a story and I have joy and there is a purpose to all of this.” Self care Monday looked like sitting in the park in the grass (that I got in trouble for sitting on LOL), matcha lattes, guacamole, and getting a big ole hug from the sunshine. Remember joy wins. Keep fighting for yours. We’re in this together. ✨

3628 38 Oct 6, 2017
taylortippett: Spent the day frolicking around NYC lookin for

Spent the day frolicking around NYC lookin for Chuck Bass in my space buns🗽❤️ also if you are reading this: hold the people in your life close. Tell the people you love that you love them. Hold them lightly. Hug them. Give grace. Life is so short y’all. So so short. Remember that. Love is so important. 📸 by my OG back in the days where skating was all we did friend

3574 62 Oct 5, 2017

“I hope you keep going and your voice keeps expanding and your heart and your mind and your soul’s understanding. And together we prosper the whole of the earth cause we’re part of each other and that’s what you’re worth.” ✨ Really special words from the one and only Yesterday was a really special day because not only did I get to finally meet my FAVORITE artist, but I got to hang with a bunch of strangers and friends and help paint our very own Dallas Clayton mural here in Chicago. I love people who love big and wide and with their whole hearts and who use their passions to make people feel full of hope and light. Dallas does just that through his incredible art and if you don’t know who he is please please go check his work out. He makes my 5 year old heart scream and dance always. Yesterday was a day I’m gonna giggle about for a very long time. ❤️

3816 61 Oct 2, 2017
taylortippett: I get on Instagram and I’m like “

I get on Instagram and I’m like “what do I post I need to keep my homies updated on my life.” I’ve been to China and to Texas and to London but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Traveling is good but I still have to come home and unpack my bags. Life stings sometimes. Life doesn’t make sense sometimes and God didn’t give us instruction manuals but I wish He friggen did. I’m learning a lot about myself and it’s scary and freeing all at the same time. Life has looked like a lot of tears that make sense and sometimes they just don’t. I’ve been sleeping on friends couches borrowing their toothbrushes because I don’t wanna be alone. Sometimes that’s okay. I’ve got the best people in my world. I’ve been learning a lot about silence & that it’s okay to just sit with it. To sit in it. To bear it through. Sometimes in the stillness if you listen hard enough- you can hear “trust me”. And sometimes that’s the only courage I have. It’s enough. Jesus mending the brokenness is enough. He’s in this place y’all. So today if you feel like you are too much- you are not. Don’t you dare let your head and emotions dictate who you are and how worthy of love you are. Embrace it. I love you. (P.s. this is ’s & ’s beaut of an apartment. thanks for adopting me and loving me so well). ✨💅🏻💕

3880 26 Sep 21, 2017
taylortippett: hi Austin. yeehaw 🤠

hi Austin. yeehaw 🤠

3179 15 Sep 20, 2017
taylortippett: We become like the things we love.

We become like the things we love.

4251 71 Sep 16, 2017
taylortippett: CHINA-- I adore you! Eating Chinese food in

CHINA-- I adore you! Eating Chinese food in China y'all I've made it! 😍🇨🇳✨🍚🈴

3068 52 Sep 8, 2017
taylortippett: Recently the undoing seems to be a remaking

Recently the undoing seems to be a remaking kind of thing. The pieces that are unraveling seem to kick themselves into overdrive and start building themselves back up. I'm a walking episode of fixer-upper and it's kind of unreal the way growth just happens. I keep taking steps back trying to understand all of this mess and the beauty of grace. But It just is. You know? - I've had a couple of moments where I freak out trying to make sense of this season of breakthrough but maybe we're not supposed to figure it out. Maybe it's not supposed to feel good. Maybe it's not supposed to make sense. What if I'm just supposed to have palms up ready? Ready to have the hard conversations. Ready to have my walls tore down cause my foundation is CRAP. Growth has a way of just happening. Love has a way of just showing up. Grace has a way of creeping in even when we didn't even think it was needed. And I feel like the only thing I can muster up these days is asking people who love me, "I'm going to be okay right?" And sometimes that's gotta be enough. Sometimes not having it figured out and just knowing things are gonna be okay (wether we can see that or not) is enough. Palms up babes. Still find the beauty. Run for it. Never stop clinging to the good. We're in this together. / 📸 of the best day and the most unreal sunset by