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michaelchristopherbrown: self-portrait at thunder butte, "wakinyan paha" to

self-portrait at thunder butte, "wakinyan paha" to the lakota people....in traditional lakota lore, thunder originated on the butte....magical country....the tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, "sue," was found here

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michaelchristopherbrown: happy to see this film out soon! i

happy to see this film out soon! i can vouch for the sheer amount of energy, time, work, difficulty, stress, sacrifice, risk, blood sweat tears and all the highs and lows that dan and horeb and the team went through to make this film a reality. perhaps the only film that not only says 'this is congo' but explains why congo is the way it is today. a true gift for the congolese. Check out the full-length version of the trailer here (link in profile): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WfWODjDYAk

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michaelchristopherbrown: field tornado

field tornado

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"this person has zero tolerance for violence against everyone"

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michaelchristopherbrown: having a 💥 on the res last eve

having a 💥 on the res last eve

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michaelchristopherbrown: PRINT SALE! Buy this signed, museum-quality, 6x6

PRINT SALE! Buy this signed, museum-quality, 6x6 inch (15.24 x 15.24 cm) print for $100, now until Friday. Order from the website in my profile. For those who purchased the first Congo airplane photograph, of children playing on abandoned airplanes in Goma, this image is from the same series, taken within the same hour in late 2012. Other signed and estate-stamped photographs are also available from over 70 colleagues at Magnum Photos! "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough," Robert Capa famously said. Inspired by the Magnum co-founder's legacy, the CLOSER print collection explores the meaning of "the greatest war photographer's" maxim through classic and contemporary photographs.